The Aquamimicry Fermented Rice Bran

Convergent Aquamimicry Probiotics - CAPs

Synbiotics refer to nutritional supplements combining probiotics and prebiotics in a form of synergism, hence synbiotics. The synbiotics concept was first introduced as " mixtures of probiotics and prebiotics that beneficially affect the host by improving the survival and implantation of live microbial dietary supplements in the gastrointestinal tract by stimulating the growth and/or by activiating the metabolism of one or limited number of health promoting bacteria thus improving host welfare."

Probiotics are live bacteria which are intended to colonise the large intestine and confer physiological health benefits to the host. A prebiotic is a food or dietary supplement product that confers a health benefits to the host associated with modulating the microbiota. Prebiotics are not drugs, not functioning because of absorption of the component, not due to the component acting directly on the host, and are due to changes to the resident bacteria - either changing the proportions of the resident bacteria or the activities thereof. Measurable changes to the microbiota in the absence of a desirable physiological consequence in the host does not qualify as a prebiotic. A prebiotic may be fibre but a fibre is not necessarily a prebiotic. Cr: Wikipedia

Bactipost Plus 4X Red Cap

Synbiotics/Probiotics for Aged Ponds of Shrimp Farming and Aquaculture


  • Liqufies organic waste accumulated in aged shrimp pond bottom soil environment
  • Balances pond bottom soils in shrimp farming ecosystem
  • Helps prevent growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria in shrimp ponds
  • Eliminates undesirable toxic gases in shrimp pond bottom soils
  • Creates natural copepods and invertebrates (ie. blood worm) as live fee in situ
  • Helps to increase oxygen transfer into soil
  • Enhances higher survival and growth rates during stocking of ahrimp post larvae
  • Works well in both fresh and seawater for shrimp farming and aquaculture
  • Environmental friendly, biodegradable component for broader activitiy spectrum


Bactipost 4X Green Cap

Synbiotics/Prebiotics Dentrifiers for Shrimp Farming and Aquaculture


  • Helps complete the nitrogrn cycle within shrimp pond ecosystems
  • Optimises de-nitrification in shrimp farming environment
  • Naturally balanced of heterophic and autotrophic conditions
  • Helps prevent the groth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria in shrimp ponds
  • Speeds up the natural process of waste degradation
  • Eliminates undesirable gases in shrimp pond environment
  • Works well in fresh and seawater for shrimp farming and aquaculture
  • Environmental friendly, biodegradable component for broader actitivy spectrum


Progest 4X Yellow Cap

Synbiotics/Probiotics Waste Digester for Shrimp Farming and Aquaculture


  • Solubilizes organic waste accumulated in shrimp ponds
  • Speeds up the natural process of protein waste degradation in shrimp farming
  • Helps break down left over protein into lower molecular weight which then can be use by phytoplankton
  • Creates a probiotic environment in shrimp farming, thus help reduce the incidences of major diseases such as vibriosis etc
  • Balances proper pH during day and night in shrimp ponds
  • Eliminates toxic gases produced by undesirable bacteria ie H2S, NH4 and NO2
  • Works well in fresh water or seawater for shrimp farming and aquaculture

Engest 10X White Cap

Synbiotics/Probiotics Additive for Shrimp Farming and Aquaculture


  • Creates prebiotics and probiotics (Synbiotics) in shrimp pond environment
  • Start up fermentation of rice bran (FRB) and soya grits (FSy) for shrimp farming
  • Solubilizes oraganic substrates ex situ prior to introduce to shrimp ponds
  • Balances proper pH during day and night
  • Environment friendly, biodegradble component for broader activity spectrum
  • Works well in fresh and seawater for shrimp farming


Bactipost Plus Test Report - Aquamimicry Red Cap

Bactipost - Aquamimicry Green Cap

Progest -Aquamimicry Yellow Cap

Engest - Aquamimicry White Cap


09.11.2020 12:09

James Lee

Is the red cap suitable for indoor biofloc system?

10.11.2020 06:57


Yes you can used the red cap for indoor RAS systems

25.10.2020 01:09

Randomar Chen

I am in Philippine, where to buy them?

03.07.2020 14:28

Yassir Husain

Am interested in the products. Please send me details including shipping rates to Bangladesh.

11.03.2020 18:18


Sir ,I want to purchase red cap how to get

10.12.2019 21:03

Uzzal Kolee

I want know about the system. Because I want to create biofloc fish farming in my country.

14.09.2019 08:23


Good day . Where can i purchase the Bactipost Plus 4X Red Cap in Malaysia or does need to be shipped ? And may I know quantity need to be purchased and the price for the item

10.08.2019 15:07

Manindra Ghosh

Where we can get this products in India

24.09.2019 18:24


I need red cap for biofloc culture in tanks.

13.06.2019 09:14

Romeo Tena

Could you kindly email me the prices of each product and let me know if you ship the products to the Philippines please.

12.09.2019 04:41

Jimmy Lim

Yes we can ship to Philippines if you have permit to import

31.05.2019 15:01


Sir can you tell me the caps Indian price

12.09.2019 04:42

Jimmy Lim

Please email me on you requirements

27.05.2019 11:27

Vikram Singh

1. Can you ship this to India?
2. Does it have the amphipods and copepods included in the bottle?

Vikram Singh

20.05.2019 19:59

Luís Filipe e Costa

I'm interesses to learn more, I'm from Angola

02.05.2019 20:16

Luis Granda

How much are the prices for the products?

05.05.2019 09:55

Luis Fernando Granda Arias
From Ecuador

05.05.2019 01:23

Jimmy Lim

Dear Luis
Please let me know your email and where are you from

02.05.2019 20:15

Luis Granda

I'm interestin in all the products for shrimp nursery and grow out. We have 215 hectareas of shrimp grow out and 2 has of nurserys. I need know, How much is the price for Ha for cicle?.

28.01.2019 06:45

manish agrawal

price for these products.

22.10.2018 16:15

Ramprasad Bangaru

I am interested in your products.

16.08.2018 12:16


Dear Sir, we are supplier of aqua product. we would like to learn about your all symbiotic or probiotic type products. Soon I will visit China. If I am interested I will visit your company as well.