14. Feb, 2017


Revolutionary Concept of Shrimp Farming

Article by:
Nicholas Romano, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer (Fish Physiology)
Aquaculture Department, Faculty of Agriculture
Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Malaysia


- See more at: http://advocate.gaalliance.org/aquamimicry-a-revolutionary-concept-for-shrimp-farming/#sthash.1QGLDji9.dpuf

7. Feb, 2017

Aquamimicry Hainan Sustainable Shrimp Farming

Aquamimicry Hainan first pilot trial on Full Aquamimicry solutions for sustainable shrimp farming. Shrimp farmer has zero based shrimp farming experience. She was in praying beads business.
DOC : 110 days
Area: 4 mu (2640 M2)
SD: 400,000
Size: 3,OOO kg
Size: 82 pc per kg
Market: Live shrimp to Southern China. She got 4 rmb (THb25 or USD0.70) above current farm gate price.
Coached by Aquamimicry Hainan team. Overcome typhoon period in October 2016 which she had mortality. If not for Aquamimicry, she would have lost her crop.
Aquamimicry solutions had overcome typhoon climatic conditions during culture.


Cr: Jimmy Lim and Aquamimicry Hainan Team

19. Jan, 2017

East meet West at International Aquamimicry Aquatainment

For the first time participants from Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil attended in great numbers led by David Kawahigashi from Vannamei 101 meet with their counterparts from India, Iran Malaysia, China, Singapore, UAE, South Korea and Thailand to learn, share and enjoy close networking for the advancement of Aquamimicry sustainable shrimp farming. The Aquamimicry workshp lead by Veerasun Prayatomornkul also heard keynote address from Dr KR Salin from AIT Thailand, Dr Kriengkrai Sataporvanit, KNB Vijaykumar, Alberto Barriga and also Dr Glen Cho on Aquamimicry Indoor superintensive famring from South Korea.

The opening nights of Aquamimicry was celebrated with our renowned Aquatainment activities at You Yen Restuarant with the Karaoke night party and the Hawaiian theme dinner at the Black Sheraton Resort and Spa Hau Hin. the closing dinner was at Banihaha Japanese Teppan Yaki at Anatara Riverside Resort at Bangkok where participants were entertained by the Teppan Yaki cooks and also with excellent cooking.


24. Dec, 2016

Autumn Aquamimicry Aquatainment Thailand

Aquamimicry Workshop and Inauguration of Aquamimicry Aquaculture Alliance on
9 August 2016 at Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

24. Dec, 2016

Aquamimicry Workshop presentation @AquaSG16 Temasek Polytechnic

Aquaqmimicry Aquaculture took center stage at AquaSG 16 International Aquaculture Conference. Presantation by Khun Veerasun Prayotamornkul on 19 October 2016