28. Nov, 2017

Program Schedule for Aquamimicry Aquatainment Symposium

We are pleased to welcome 97 participants who will be joining our Aquamimicry Aquatainment Symposium from 11-16 December 2017 at Bangkok
Countries are: 
Algeria 1 Bangladesh 2 Brazil 9 Brunei 2 Ecuador 10 India 11 Indonesia 2 Malaysia 6 Mexico 3
Nicaragua 1 Singapore 4 South Korea 7 Spain 1 Switzerland 4 Taiwan 1 Thailand 30 USA 3

17. Nov, 2017

92 heading for Symposium@Bangkok in December

92 participants will be joining our Aquamimicry Symposium during 11-16 December 2017.

Algeria 1 Bangladesh 2 Brazil 9 Brunei 2 Ecuador 10 India 11 Indonesia 1 Malaysia 5 Meixco 3 Nicaragua 1 Singapore 2 South Korea 7 Switzerlands 4 Taiwan 1 Thailand 30 USA 3

Thank you all participants for your warm support

See you in Bangkok

20. Sep, 2017

Aquamimicry Aquavolution at Booth 9 AquaSG17 3 to 7 October 2017

We will be featuring Aquamimicry Aquavolution at AquaSG 17 International Conference and Exhibition from 5 to 7 October 2017 . All are welcome to the new Aquaculture Paradigm shift at Booth 9.
Our special Guest: Aquamimicry Guru Veerasun Prayotamornkul will be in attendance

27. Jul, 2017

Aquamimicry 2.0 Aquavolution Saving Ocean For Future Earth

This is the 5th series of our successful Aquamimicry Aquatainment Workshops happening in Bangkok from 11 to 16 December 2017 at Sheraton Resort & Spa Hua Hin Thailand.

This coming December 2017 will be bigger and is our First Symposium where we will feature speakers who are full bred Aquamimicry farmers who will share their practical and hands on experiences on shrimp farming. apart from Professors from reputable Universities like Asian Institute of Technology and Kasetsart University Thailand.

In addition we will feature AFSy 2.0 Fish Free Feed which will revolutionize how shrimps are going to be cultured without having to depend on fishmeal which we call it Aquavolution.

Contact: Jimmy Lim for more information at venturefarmsg@hotmail.com

26. Apr, 2017

Tianjin Shrimp Culture seminar 11/4/17

Yesterday, on 11 April, a shrimp culture seminar on the theme "transition and sustainable development" was launched in tianjin, China organised by Fishfirst.cn

In recent years, shrimp production is bleak in the south of China; while in the North China, it is still in progress and still lag behind with the south.

The producers need to pay attention to and try to improve the environment rather than focusing attention on the disease itself because of the inability to receive effective treatment in the disease itself, which we can do is the primary prevention.

2. Selection of good shrimp larvae is more likely to be in the choice of a qualified and a good reputation and modern ideas.

3.High Density can not guarantee high production, since high-density culture leads to uncertainty in the environment, and producers should identify breeding densities based on feeding, installation and experience.

4. The Treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases, which should be chosen by producers, is the restoration of normal bacterial communities and the establishment of a normal micro-ecosystem.

5. The Small scaffolding will become a popular culture model in the north of China, because in such a model, shrimp may be produced in the winter or in a slightly cold weather such as cold wave.