21.04.2020 18:40


i am interested on your products and i want use in next cycle of the culture, any dealer in india? or do you ship to india?

07.11.2019 09:02

Veeranna singuluri

We need Indore shrimp farming training,
Is it available in your site,
Please give information I am from India

27.12.2018 04:47

Thota Ramesh

I want bactipost plus 4xRedcap

01.08.2018 02:52

Sajal Kumar Saha

I need some aquamimicry related papers.

01.08.2018 03:52

Jimmy Lim

Dear Sajal
Please access

18.03.2018 09:59

James Tu

I am interested in Aquamimicry and your products synbiotics and interested to test out your products in our next cycle. Do you ship to China?

01.08.2018 03:53

Jimmy Lim

Dear James Yes we can arrange to send to you in China