18. May, 2018

Giant river prawn - Macrobrachium rosenbergii

Giant river prawn - Macrobrachium rosenbergii

(De Man, 1879) [Palaemonidae]

FAO official common names: Fr - Bouquet géant; Es - Langostino de río

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8. May, 2018

Minimum water exchange reduces shrimp Met requirement

Monday, 7 May 2018 Felipe Nobre Façanha, M.Sc. Hassan Sabry-Neto Dr. Claudia Figueiredo-Silva Dr. Adhemar Rodrigues Oliveira-Neto Alberto Jorge Pinto Nunes, Ph.D.

Water exchange and dietary methionine requirement for juvenile Pacific white shrimp

Cr: GAA The Advocate
Photo Cr: Felipe Nobre Façanhae
28. Apr, 2018

Animals exposed to light had better zootechnical parameters than those with reduced or no exposure

Monday, 16 April 2018

Wellica Gomes dos Reis Wilson Wasielesky Jr., Ph.D. Paulo Cesar Abreu, Ph.D. Dariano Krummenauer, Ph.D.

Performance of Pacific white shrimp in biofloc with different light regimes

Cr: GAA The Advocate Photo: Cr: Wellica Gomes

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27. Apr, 2018

Study demonstrates range of salinity options for shrimp production in commercial-scale systems

Monday, 16 April 2018 Andrew J. Ray, Ph.D.Jeffrey M. Lotz, Ph.D.

CR: GAA The Advocate

Picture: Cr: Dr Andrew Ray

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27. Apr, 2018

Technology has been met with success worldwide by balancing natural plankton

Friday, 10 February 2017 Nicholas Romano, Ph.D.

Cr: GAA The Advocate

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