Commercial RAS - Concepts, Applications & Investment

This live workshop is opened to all professionals working in the aquaculture and related industries and for investors who want to grasp the concepts, applications and investment opportunities in food production.

“Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century.”— Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist

“The rapid development of aquaculture in recent years has been likened to a “Blue Revolution” that matches the Green Revolution”— Jeffrey Sachs

The live workshop is conducted over 2 days.

You are required to register for both dates on 8/9/2020 & 9/9/2020 to complete the course.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded by Institution of Aquaculture Singapore


Facilitator : Dr Nelson Lam,

Bachelor Ecology & Biodiversity, The University of Hong Kong PhD Zoology, The University of Hong KongPost Doctoral Research Indoor Recirculating Aquaculture Systems for Grouper


Design Hong Kong first indoor commercial RAS farm for Aquaculture Technologies Asia Ltd.

Design and Build the first commercial indoor RAS farm at Wenchang Hainan, China

Design, supply and install water treatment systems to many major Vanamai hatcheries in China.

Design, supply and install integrated indoor commercial Grouper RAS farm for Asmark Ltd UAE. Provide RAS consultancy to major farms in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia

Design and install RAS system to Indoor Urban Commercial Aquaponics Farm in Hong Kong 

Workshop Synopsis

How to design recirculating system:

What should be included, e.g. biology of target species, starting stage to market sizes.Local condition, advantages and limitations

Commercial Case Study

A Fish model

A Shrimp model

Marketing of products from recirculating system

Selling idea

Marketing points

Integrated development

Urban Aquaponic

Convert factory/warehouse to aquaculture facilities.   



28.06.2020 14:13

Eugenio Garcia-Franco

We are interested in a intensive/small (2000 m² ) vannami RAS